Best Vegan Leather companies in India
  • October 31, 2022

What is vegan PU leather? Is PU leather vegan?

When people think of leather, they often imagine animal leather such as the ones derived from pigs, cows, horses, ostriches, snakes, crocodiles, and more. Whenever faced with the topic of vegan leather vs PU leather, people are often very confused. The very best vegan & PU leather manufacturers as well as dozens of vegan & PU leather companies often invest lakhs or even crores of rupees into their marketing to ensure that the vegan & PU leather manufacturers and their business is not dragged into the animal-cruelty ambit of vegan leather vs PU leather debate where traditional leather is often looked at with a sense of disdain.

Vegan Leather vs PU Leather

The decades-old vegan leather vs PU leather debate has been on-going for a long time now. Thankfully, the help of many scientists and a growing audience has brought the pros and cons of vegan leather as well as PU leather. From environmental harm to the use of dangerous chemicals in the manufacturing process to long-term viability.

The emergence of the vegan leather vs PU leather debate has caused vegan & PU leather manufacturers across the world to promote their products further with quality, class, aesthetics, and luxury in mind which has caused people across the world to see vegan & PU leather as products of high-end luxury.

Best Vegan Leather companies in India
Best Vegan Leather companies in India

Vegan & PU Leather Companies

Vegan & PU leather companies are plenty in the market, however, when it comes to the very best vegan & PU leather manufacturers, the one to take the cake is none other than Texture and Hues. Texture and Hues is a flagship luxury home furnishings brand from the prestigious House of Mayur Uniquoters Ltd. one of the biggest vegan & PU leather companies in India. Vegan & PU leather manufacturers across India as well as nearly every vegan & PU leather companies all over the world have created their individual niches tied together with the feeling of luxury, which is ultimately bringing the age-old debate of vegan leather vs PU leather to satisfactory conclusion.

Through dedicated research, development and design, our beliefs of luxury, opulence and cruelty-free our gorgeous collections come to life.