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  • October 03, 2023

What Is the Best Type of Art Leather for Furniture?

When it comes to furniture, the type of art leather you choose can make a lot of difference. It's not just about aesthetics it is also about comfort, durability, and budget.

At Texture and Hues, we understand the significance of selecting the right leather for your furniture, and in this blog, we'll explore the various options available to help you make an informed decision.

Types of Art Leather for Furniture

1. Full-Grain Art Leather

Full grain art leather remains unaltered, with no sanding or buffing to remove marks or imperfections. This results in art leather that's incredibly durable and ages beautifully over time. When you sink into a full-grain leather sofa, you'll appreciate its comfort and breathability.

However, it's worth noting that this premium option comes at a cost and is sensitive to sunlight, which can affect its appearance.

2. Split-Grain Art Leather: Affordable and Family-Friendly

If you have a bustling household with kids and pets, split-grain art leather could be your go-to option. It's affordable and resistant to abrasion, making it a practical choice. Plus, it offers a comfortable feel. On the downside, split-grain leather can be less breathable, and its water resistance isn't as robust.

3. Bonded Art Leather: The Budget-Friendly Alternative

Bonded art leather is the budget-conscious choice, crafted from art leather scraps bonded together with an adhesive material. Despite its lower cost, it boasts a smooth finish and is available in a variety of colours and styles.

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However, it's important to note that it contains only about 20% actual leather, and its finish can be stripped away by certain cleaners. Bonded leather is ideal for sofas, and it's best to choose bonded art leather if you are trying to find your perfect art leather sofa set.

Art leather, while not genuine art leather, is prized for its affordability and durability. Made from a plastic base coated with wax, dye, or polyurethane, it's easy to maintain and highly resistant to stains. You can place it in sunny areas without worrying about UV damage.

Which Art Leather Is the Best for a Sofa Set?

Choosing the best art leather for your sofa set ultimately depends on your unique needs and preferences. However, full-grain art leather or bonded art leathers are great choices for sofa sets and offer durability, comfort, and a timeless appearance.

Wrapping Up

Selecting the right art leather for your furniture is a decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. At Texture and Hues, we believe in helping you make an informed choice.

Whether you opt for the premium elegance of full-grain art leather, the practicality of split-grain art leather, the affordability of bonded leather, or the durability of art leather, we're here to assist you in finding the perfect fit for your home. Choose Texture and Hues for the finest art leather fabrics that combine comfort, style, and quality. Your furniture deserves nothing less.