Vegan leather suppliers in India
  • October 14, 2022

Vegan leather suppliers in India

Sustainable vegan leather suppliers till recently had to face an uphill battle for decades against traditional leather suppliers who have held the market advantage for a very long time. However, in the current ecosphere of vegan leather companies, the uphill battle has turned into valuable opportunities for vegan leather companies to capitalize upon. Texture and Hues is one of the top sustainable vegan leather suppliers in India, coming from the prestigious House of Mayur Uniquoters Ltd. has created and curated the perfect 6 nature-inspired collections for every mood, style, and aesthetic choice.

Vegan Leather Manufacturers in India

Even the best vegan leather manufacturers in India steer clear of any indications that their products are not created through animal cruelty or are actively harmful to the environment. Hence, some of the sustainable vegan leather suppliers have to actively showcase their products to have been made out of a 'green conscience'.

There are many factors that affect whether your choice of products are vegan or manufactured by vegan leather manufacturers in India. These factors include production methods, whether animal testing was conducted, the addition of carcinogenic materials and heavy metals, and more.

Vegan leather suppliers in India
Vegan leather suppliers in India

Sustainable Vegan Leather Suppliers

Vegan leather companies like Texture and Hues provide vegan leather furnishings for high-income or corporate clientele. They take immense in the research, development, and design of each of their products and they deliver on their promises as well- making them the best sustainable vegan leather suppliers in India.

Sustainable vegan leather suppliers and corporate vegan leather companies in India focus on providing their customers with immense aesthetics and practical value in their day-to-day lifestyle or for the sensation of their choice of an ideal lifestyle.

Vegan Leather Companies

At Texture and Hues, the motto is always quality, cruelty-free and aesthetic. By adopting strict cruelty-free practices, we make the dream of establishing sustainable vegan leather suppliers into the Indian vegan leather ecosphere. We are one of the largest and most widely available vegan leather manufacturers in India and with it come the responsibility towards our consumers and mother nature, which we fulfil through every single product.

The paradigms, perceptions and perspectives towards traditional leather industries are declining at an accelerating & Texture and Hues is your go-to choice for sustainable vegan leather suppliers across India.