Top Feather Interior Design Companies 2023
  • August 29, 2023

Top Feather Interior Design Companies 2023

The sleek & soft touch awakens your senses as it glides against your skin imprinting its impact on your mind. The soft-as-feather feeling combined with subtlety and tactically mesmerising texture imparts a look that extends a sense of luxury and antiquity to your home while retaining a modernised visual appeal crafted using cruelty-free Leatherette. Feather is the innovation designed with finesse and mastery to bring to you the feeling of gentleness encapsulated within our signature ‘ultra-fine touch’. This collection, with its understated elegance and paper-transfer technology created masterfully with ultra-cast paper, befits a wide range of looks and feels for your home decor.

Use of Leatherette in Interior Design

The world of interior designing has greatly benefited from the use of art leather. Contemporary or Conventional, be the house of any style, using leatherette in your furniture has always produced timeless results. We at Texture and Hues, ensure you get the best, high-end art art leather for your home interior furniture.

Why Art Leather?

art leather is produced without the use of any animal products and is a natural alternative to animal leather considering it is being made from agricultural waste products, sustainable biomaterials or other recyclable materials. Contrary to most of the materials, art leather has the exceptional ability to integrate into any type or shape. As a way to create unique art leather for your interior designing, we are constantly advancing our knowledge, expertise and technology to introduce blends of art leather for a more distinctive appeal. With this cruelty-free leatherette, we bring to you the most magnificent range without compromising on the quality. One such collection of ours is Feather Art Leather.

Best Art Leather companies in India
Best Art Leather companies in India

Feather Leatherette

Feather art leather represents as a model for our collection of high quality art leather. They set out gorgeous settings that encourage comfort and relaxation by fusing textures and colors that make the surroundings soothing. This particular leatherette was skillfully and expertly created to give you the sense of softness

encompassed in our signature ‘ultra-fine touch’. The name itself states that this art leather has a feather-like touch that makes you feel like you are floating on your furniture.

The smooth and gentle touch of Feather Leatherette caresses your skin in a way that leaves an indelible impression on your mind. Its beauty is such that it creates an environment of luxury you can snuggle with. When you touch it or sit on it, you experience a soothing feeling of comfort and coziness. The finesse of paper-transfer technology developed with ultra-cast paper makes your settings all the more comfy and cushy.

We hereby present to you with our understated collection of elegance combined with exquisiteness for your home interiors. Fluffiness and cloud-like existence of this range is so wholesome that it will surely melt your hearts and will create a warm and optimistic aura around you. Our Feather Leatherette is completely perfect if you want to have a heaven-like presence in your spaces.