Nordic & Scandinavian Interior Design
  • September 12, 2023

Nordic & Scandinavian Interior Design

A place can be improved by a good interior design. One can elevate their lifestyle with an effective interior design décor. However, few interior design trends have been successful in captivating homeowners’ and design connoisseurs’ attention. These designs, which have their roots in the area's rich cultural past and are influenced by its stunning scenic surroundings, have become more popular around the world due to their classic and timeless appeal.

None other than Nordic and Scandinavian design, these style statements embrace simplicity and elegance yet exuding luxurious and exquisite vibes. When it comes to interior design, Nordic and Scandinavian designs are the ones that never fail to win over and capture hearts. Nordic and Scandinavian interior designs may initially appear to be somewhat similar and identical. However, a closer look reveals few distinctions between the two styles.

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Nordic Interior Design

Nordic styled rooms offer a homely vibe. They create an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. Nordic interior designs tend to depart themselves from monochrome vibrant colors which in turn provides a more welcoming and restful feeling. These designs perfectly blend traditional workmanship and craft combined together to give a rustic feel. More handcrafted, rustic-style furniture is used in Nordic settings and therefore, these areas are frequently cozier and friendlier. Being all rustic and homespun, they tend to be more secure, sheltered and pleasant.

Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian designs tend to be more minimalistic and greatly emphasizes utility. Rooms designed in Scandinavian style offer uncluttered design and aesthetics that place emphasis on spaciousness. These designs stand out for their clean approach that attempts to balance functionality with luxury. Contemporary contrasts and an array of textures are advantageous in Scandinavian-inspired interiors to produce sleek and modern spaces. Scandinavian design is definitely your style if you appreciate clean lines, functionality and simplicity.

Fusion of Nordic and Scandinavian Interior Designs

It is well acknowledged that each of these designs does not really exist without the other and are interdependent. This undisputed fact made us bring a fusion of both the styles. We have created a style statement which is an amalgamation of all the key elements that Nordic and Scandinavian interior designs bring out. Hence, our collection of Nordic Wave Leatherette is perfect for your minimal yet meaningful aesthetic look.

Imagine yourself enjoying the calming sensation and soothing feeling of waves coming back and forth, gently touching your feet, making you reminisce all the memories in your childhood of you playing and running around in the softness of beach sand. Picture yourself sitting in front of the scenic waves, the morning sunshine brightening your soul and the blowing breeze playing with your hair. This state of peacefulness that soaks you in warm and calm tranquility is something which is no less than a dream.

Our Nordic Wave collection is characterized by abundance of natural light with airy spaces meant to give you all soothing vibes. We have created this collection with innovation in order to bring serenity and relaxation which make you feel closer to nature. This innovative and ingenious collection of ours will create an atmosphere that feels bright and much more inviting. So, add a touch of classic minimalism to your spaces that offers luxury, serenity, coziness, rawness, exquisiteness and homeliness all at the same time. With our exceptional collection of cruelty-free Leatherette, Nordic Wave is a perfect choice for your homes and other spaces.