Best leatherette sofa material in India
  • August 08, 2023

Leatherette Sofa Material

An innovative Art leather home furnishings company is called Texture and Hues. We are the innovators who believe that by raising the standard for excellence with our offerings, we will motivate you and others to create works of art that are unimaginably exceptional.

We want to make people's lives better by taking a complete perspective to design, lifestyle, and society. We aim to create a setting where we can connect with individuals in a way that helps them identify and realize their own goals. The mission of Texture & Hues is to provide high-end luxuries and provocative statements with a strong focus on craftsmanship, minute details, and creation.

"Leatherette" or "artificial leatherette" are other names for imitation leatherette. In the furniture industry, synthetic leatherette is more affordable than leatherette. The longevity of synthetic leatherette has substantially decreased over the past several years due to fierce price rivalry, attempts to mimic the softness of real leatherette and the drive toward reusable materials.

Imitation leatherette that is in good condition is simple to keep clean. For you, we have selected a few collections of hot house decor. The list is shown below.

leatherette sofa material
Best Trending Home Decor Collections in India


Feather is a clever invention that was made to offer you the impression of softness that is embodied in our distinctive "ultra-fine touch”. Because of its subtle sophistication and exquisitely designed paper-transfer technique, this collection complements a range of styles and sensations for your home décor. The beautiful metallic and matte shades in the high-end collection will bring a touch of luxury to your houses.


Dunes are the simplest structural shapes found in nature, and you can use their unusual texture for anything from making your house stand out from the competition to providing a stimulating setting for learning and creativity.

Nordic Waves

Nordic waves, one of our original inventions, will infuse your living space with a sense of tranquility, relaxation, and the ocean.
The stunning waves and the Norse mythological runes served as inspiration for the Nordic waves, which were made from leatherette to fulfill your luxury living aesthetically.


To make your home seem more like a true home, design elements that are pet-friendly and simple to maintain should be included. We create a distinct vision with our handcrafted creations that are genuine and gorgeous. For us, high-end luxury is achieving dreams in a way that will last a lifetime. With Nimbus, we hope to create the perfect balance of style and innovation for your pleasant home.


Reppure is a cutting-edge leatherette brand that takes inspiration from nature. The unusual combination of weird textures and the stunning tone of the gradients make it outstanding. The secret to integrating the timeless beauty of nature into your house is to create distinctive designs that are flexible and developed like their namesake.

How leatherette is useful for us?

Leatherette production is the method of creating leatherette from basic materials. The steps involved in converting the raw material into a useful product include sanitation, tanning, coloration, and finishing. This method involves several procedures, including washing, tanning, dyeing, and finishing, all of which are meant to turn the raw material into a usable, attractive, and long-lasting product.

The versatile substance known as leatherette is used to create a wide range of items, including clothing, footwear, handbags, furnishings, accessories, and the insides of automobiles. Making high-quality leatherette products that meet industry requirements may be a difficult process that requires specialized knowledge and equipment. In addition to these interior decorations, we additionally offer a plush couch bed.

It is important to remember that the leather industry has faced criticism for the impact it has on the environment and that efforts are being made to develop more responsible and healthy business practices. With Texture & Hues, you may emphasize your personal taste in your home. To fit any atmosphere in your room, Texture & Hues has great sets accessible.