Art Leather Uses for Hotel Tray
  • March 12, 2023

Art Leather Uses for Hotel Tray: Elevate the Dining Experience

If you are looking to change the look and feel of your hotel’s ambience, start with a minor change that will go a long way. Adding art leather to the hotel trays can be a game changer as they are sleek in look with a highly durable functioning.

Texture and Hues are proud creator of art leather that will transfer the appearance of seeming mundane objects into articles of luxury. Our premium-quality art leather fabrics for hotel trays are designed to elevate your guests' experience while providing practical benefits for your hospitality business.

Here are five ways in which art leather can do that:

1.Appeal to Aesthetics: Our art leather comes in wide range of colours and textures, allowing you to select the perfect option that complements you hotel’s ambiance. Whether you prefer a classic black feathery finish or a leathery embossed pattern of leather, but without the cruelty involved in deriving it.

2.Sturdiness: Durability of leatherette is, undoubtedly, a deciding factor in picking it over the alternatives. Our high-quality leatherette resists mess and stitching tears. This is why it is a preferable option for covering the hotel trays.

3.Easy to Maintain: Keeping your hotel trays clean and presentable is easy to do with our art leather products. Simply wipe away spills and stains with a damp cloth, and your trays will look as good as new. It is time to bid adieu to costly cleaning solutions and hours spent scrubbing to make the service experience smooth and hassle-free.

4.Cost-Effectiveness: Art leather is more cost-effective for hotels looking to upgrade their servicing without adding much to their expenses. You can add a touch of luxury with minimal efforts and optimum quality.

5.Cruelty-free Choice: For hoteliers catering to the conscious guests, art leather offers a cruelty-free alternative to animal products. The leatherette we produce mimics the texture of animal skin well and provides equivalent durability, making it an ideal choice for hotel and restaurant owners.

6.Can be Customised: If you want to make a lasting impression on your guests, then create personalised art leather trays by selecting a colour and texture that is unique to your signature style. Art leather offers a wide range of hues as mentioned above, wherein each option can tell a story if used right.

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selecting leatherette can turn a plain dining experience into an elegant one. By incorporating art leather from Texture and Hues into the serving trays, you are not only making an investment, but also selecting style and usability. Discover the advantages of using art leather in your hotels in detail by contacting us or visit our website to explore the entire range of art leather.