Art Leather in India
  • March 19, 2024

Art Leather Uses for Hospital Beds

Visiting a hospital can be daunting task for quite a few people. Thus, in the arena of healthcare, creating an environment that is calm and soothing becomes essential for patient care and quick recovery. There is more to this form of care than meets the eye. For instance, usage of wrong colours and hues can immediately convey unsettling feelings for people seeking professional care.

Significance of design and material used cannot be overlooked in such a case. Art Leather, with its wide array of textures and appearance offers versatile properties and applications. Its composition consists of fabric coated with synthetic layering, making it durable and cost-effective as compared to its traditional alternative. Here you can find the answer to why art leather can be used in the hospital environment:

1. Cleanliness:

Art leather has a texture and molecular structure that does not absorb any kind of fluid spill, making it suitable upholstery for hospital beds. Maintenance of hygiene is paramount in the medical facilities; thus it is beneficial to use a fabric that can be wiped down efficiently.

2. Longevity:

Premium quality art leather has a long life. It can withstand tears and rough handling for a long time. Its sturdy composition makes it highly durable and for hospital usage.

3. Comfort:

We create art leather that is free from toxic substances. Despite its synthetic nature, art leather offers a comfortable and smooth texture that is soft to touch. It minimizes the chances of skin irritation, preventing discomfort arising from extended periods of bed rest.

Art Leather Uses for Hospital Beds
leatherette sheets in Hospital Chairs

4. Customisation in design:

It is a myth that hospital environment does not require designing. A well-designed aesthetic appeal can positively influence a patient’s recovery. Our premium art leather collection consists of colours that are eye-soothing with calming composure. Customising art leather to suit your hospital ambience can evoke professionalism while making it familiar for the patients at the same time.

5. Guilt-free rest:

We make art leather that is cruelty-free. Historically, traditional leather has been used in the medicine world for covering chairs and beds. However, the conscience has shifted over the time and people are looking for cruelty-free options. In certain areas, it is even favourable to opt for non-animal based products.

6. Cost-effectiveness:

a good quality art leather is durable and cheaper than its traditional alternative. It combines the usability of its traditional option with modern sentiments, making it fit into the budgets.

At Texture and Hues, we believe in creating products par excellence. In a field where comfort is fundamental and essential, art leather can offer a suitable solution to with cost-effectiveness and durability. Moreover, it adds to the experience of the patient with its soothing texture and animal friendly nature.